Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church - Period II

Rev. Brown "Building Period" Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church - Period II

Building Period

The second period, which extends from 1939 to 1951, has been labeled the "Building Period" building of physical structure and building of congregational membership. The second edifice to house the membership and its activities was constructed in 1939. In addition to Pastor Brown, the movers were: Henry Franklin, Sr., Jessie Early, Foster Reese, Sr., J.E. Leboye, George Lewis, W.H. Johnson, Obie Vernon, Fred Davis, and Granville Haggood. The cost of the new facility was $5,000 and Mr. Henry Christenterry was the contractor.

In 1949, J.E. LaBoye provided leadership for an expansion of the physical plant. Renovation costs were $3,000 and W.S. Devall was the contractor. It was in 1951 that the name of the Church was changed to the Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church.