Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church - Period V

Rev. K. Edward Popleon "" Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church Period V

Outreach and Service

The fifth period has been labeled a period of  "Outreach and Service" and it commenced May 17, 1982 when the doors of the new facilities were opened for use by the members of Greater Mount Carmel and other community groups whose interests center around community service and community building.

During this period, additional land areas were acquired to provide ample parking for worshipers and their guests. More than 312 members were added and a plethora of innovative activities and thrusts were initiated. These included: A new membership registration process, including two Sundays of orientation; a reception for new members; and the division of the Deacons into districts to keep more accurate account of the members of their districts. Benevolent outreach was extended to include more than $5,000 to Ethiopian relief, donations to the Red Cross, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, food baskets to the needy of the community, and personal care for the shut-in. 


Pastor Popleon often said that bigness in terms of membership or assets was not our goal but rather, growth in Christian service. According to Pastor Popleon, "The Church is not merely an organization or a building, but an organism containing the very lifeblood of Jesus Christ."  Reminding the organization that the Church should provide for three phases of Christian activity in the lives of its members worship, training, and social fellowship -- he moved to ensure both physical facilities and organizational structure were adequate for those purposes. An important juncture in this process was the preparation of a Church Handbook. Truly, this era represented an opportunity for each member to be a contributing element under the leadership of Pastor Popleon, whose guidance caused "the Church to reach its greatest potential for bringing the Kingdom of God to earth".

On January 26, 1992, Pastor Popleon confirmed his retirement as Pastor of the Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church and was honored by the Church with his selection as Pastor Emeritus. The Reverend Roosevelt Henley was appointed by the Church to serve as Interim during this period.