The Articles of Faith have their origin in the New Hampshire Confession of 1833: On June 24, 1830, the New Hampshire Baptist State Convention, meeting in Concord, New Hampshire, authorized the preparation of a Declaration of Faith, “which might secure the approval and serve the purpose of all the Baptist Churches in the state.” The proposition was approved and a three-member committee was appointed to do the work.

After several revisions of the articles, and modifications to the committee, the declaration was approved and unanimously adopted in 1833. While archives show that the Confession is the result of a collaborative effort of a committee, Edward T. Hiscox, in his Baptist Church Directory (1899), supposes that the author of the Confession was Rev. J. Newton Brown, DD. Over time, the articles have spread in popularity to the extent that most Baptist Churches have adopted them, in one form or another, as their complete statement of doctrine and belief. 

Originally there were 16 articles, but two were later added by Dr. Brown--one on Repentance and Faith, and one on Sanctification--to make a total of 18. This is how the articles appear in The New National Baptist Hymnal. Subse-quent revisions include dividing the article on Baptism and the Lord’s Supper into two, to make a total of nineteen (The Standard Manual, 1890); then a final change was to divide the article on Repentance and Faith into two, and add an article on Adoption (The New Baptist Church Directory, 1894).

While the Articles, as stated, are written by men, they are based on the scripture, and there are ample proof texts, some of which we will share, for each belief or doctrine stated.

Baptist Doctrine, as stated in the Articles of Faith, may be divided into three categories:
 Baptist Doctrine and the Word(I, II, XII, XIV, XV)
Baptist Doctrine and the Individual (III - X, XIII, XVI, XVII)
 Baptist Doctrine and the Future(XI, XVIII)



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